Social Bookmarking Submission

Social Bookmarking is a way to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks on the web. It is actually the procedure of saving bookmarks to a free website and labeling them with keywords for sharing with others. You can also get a lot of traffic through bookmarking. So if your website gets submitted to them from time to time, chances are that you too will get very high traffic.


  • You will be indexed by different Search Engines within hours of getting your site bookmarked on various sites.
  • Whether you have a really intriguing website or blog, then chances are that others will want to include a link to your site from their own site. So this will make sure huge one way links that have been obtained naturally.
  • If you blog or site has been mentioned on various social networks by thousands of users in their profiles, then the search engines will give your blog or site extra meaning while ranking it.